Norway to participate in new space programmes

Norway will join the new programmes in the European Space Agency (ESA) with a contribution on NOK 947 million. This was established in the ESA Ministerial Meeting on 5 and 6 December where State Secretary Frode Berge from Ministry of Trade and Industry participated.

15/02/2006 :: The European Ministers of Space travel met in the format of the ESA Ministerial meeting on 5 and 6 December in Berlin. They initiated new programmes for space travel for 8 billion euro. These will form the foundation for future European commitment to development within the area of space travel. State Secretary Frode Berge from the Ministry of Trade and Industry participated on behalf of the Norwegian Government.

“Norway will enroll in the planned programmes. We regard these to be of great interest both to Norwegian users and Norwegian high technology industry”, the Norwegian State Secretary stated prior to the meeting.

Norway will participate in the development of the first satelite to be a part of the Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES) Space Component. The Norwegian Government consider this initiative to be important for Norway, especially in regard to an efficient practise of sovereignty, and administration of the environment and resources. 

Satisfactory navigation is important to the shipping nation Norway. This is the reason for Norwegian involvement in ESA programmes for navigation by satelittes. In particular the Galileo system, which is under development, will be of significant importance for the Norwegian industries in areas of petroleum, fisheries and communications by air and ship. In addition to this, Norway will be a part of the ExoMars Programme, which aim is to explore the planet Mars.

“Space activities are important to employment and development in industries both on a national and regional level”, State Secretary Frode Berge concluded after the meeting.

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Frode Berge, State Secretary from the Ministry of Trade and Industry, attended the Ministerial meeting in Berlin on 5 and 6 December.Photo: Ministry of Trade and Industry.