Minister Skogsholm met with UK Presidency

Minister for Transport and Communications, Mrs Torild Skogsholm held successful talks with the UK EU-Presidency in London 21 July. Minister Skogsholm had separate meetings with Mr. Stephen Ladyman, Minister for Transport, Mr. Barry Gardiner, Minister for Postal Services and Competition, and Mr Alun Michael, Minister for Telecommunications.

15/02/2006 :: The two transportministers discussed a broad range of issues on the Presidency’s agenda which are of EEA-relevance. The high-profiled transportissues included third country relations in the field of aviation, Single European Sky, road infrastructure charging (Eurovignette), and rail liberalization.

Discussions on telecommunications focused on the forthcoming revision of EUs regulatory package on electronic communications and markets, while liberalization of the postal market was at the forefront of the meeting between Ministers Skogsholm and Gardiner.

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Torihlid Skogsholm, Norwegian Minister for Transport and CommunicationPhoto: