The Nordic countries guides Europe in safe food issues

Recently, the 2nd International SAFEFOODERA Conference was successfully completed in Bergen, Norway.

15/02/2006 :: SAFEFOODERA  is a Nordic conducted EU-project with partners from 18 countries. They work together for a common research platform on safe food in Europe. Their vision is to build a staircase to European excellence in food safety research programming through trust and mutual understanding. Nordic Innovations Center (NICe) is co-ordinating the project and Johs Kjosbakken from the Research Council of Norway, is managing the steering committee. 

The primary objective is to establish a European platform for protecting consumers against health risks from the consumption of food through a co-ordination action (ERA-NET) supported by the EU’s Sixth Framework Programme. SAFEFOODERA has participants from 15 Member States, 3 Associated Countries and 2 regional organisations representing 480 million European citizens. From each country, one representative are appointed to it’s European Steering Committee (ESC), which will have overall responsibility for directing and managing the work.

The agenda for the Conference and the ESC meeting in Bergen 1-2 September 2005, was to take a step forward in direction of a common european research programme in food safety. It was clear after the meeting that the work for a research platform is in progress. The first research fundings will be advertised on a spesified area in 2006-2007.

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