EUR 37 million earmarked for Polish NGO fund

The Norwegian and EEA Financial Mechanisms announced it would earmark EUR 37 million for a NGO fund in Poland. Projects used towards the strengthening of the environment and social development will be central to the funds.

15/02/2006 :: The announcement came during a Warsaw-held seminar held for Norwegian and Polish NGOs on 7 April, where about 150 representatives from both countries met to discuss future opportunities for cooperation based on the NOK4.5 billion granted to Poland under the Norwegian Financial Mechanism.

The drafted guidelines presented at the seminar in Warsaw on April 7, and developed by the Brussels-based Polish NGO Office in cooperation with WWF-Norway, will serve as a basis for the structuring of the NGO fund.

The fund will prioritise projects in areas such as democracy and civil society, environmental protection and sustainable development, and equal opportunities and social integration, and will be the biggest of its kind in Poland.

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