EEA Joint Committee meeting 24 September


Norway welcomes the inclusion of the competition modernisation reform among the Joint Committee decisions adopted at the meeting 24 September, which will ensure equal enforcement regimes in the EU- and EFTA pillar.

In the meeting, Norway also urged a rapid decision on EFTA participation in the EU agencies EASA (aviation safety) and EFSA (food safety). Further, the EFTA side raised the issue of Open Skies, and made it clear to the Commission that there is a risk of fragmentation of the internal market if Community designation clauses in EU aviation agreements with third countries are not extended to carriers licensed by EEA EFTA states. This would have a negative effect not only on airlines in EEA EFTA states, but equally to airlines in EU states. Discussions with the Commission on this matter will continue. Norway also expressed disappointment of the long delay in the implementation of the fishery protocols negotiated as part of the EEA enlargement agreement. The Commission indicated that implementation some time in October was likely.

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