Norwegian comments on the Service Directive

The Norwegian Government comments the Draft Service Directive in a letter to the party groups of the European Parliament, stating that certain elements of the Draft gives rise to deep concern.

On 2 February the Minister of Trade and Industry, Odd Eriksen, wrote the comments on behalf of the Norwegian Government. The letter clearly states that Norway supports the purpose of reducing barriers to trade in services and contributing to economic progress.

However, it expresses that the scope of the Draft Directive needs to be more clearly defined, including its effect on national regulations of the service sector. The Norwegian Government has consulted the social partners of Norway, whose representatives express deep concern of possible negative effects like social dumping.

The Norwegian comments emphasise the importance of ensuring that the host country maintains the authority to regulate, supervise and control the required standards of health, safety, environment and service quality within its territory.

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 Photo: The Austrian EU Presidency