Norwegian comments on roaming

The Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications sent a letter to the Commission on 23 March expressing the Norwegian views on the EU regulation proposal for international roaming, charges for use of mobile services abroad.

25/04/2006 :: The letter clearly states that Norway supports the new roaming initiative to start work on the EU regulation for use of mobile services abroad. In Norway’s opinion regulation on international roaming charges should preferably target the underlying causes of high retail prices and thus be imposed on the wholesale level.

The letter however, draws attention to the possible risk that immediate reductions of retail roaming prices will impact the price of other domestic mobile services. There are therefore in the Norwegian opinion some strong arguments why the retail regulation should not be put into force immediately.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications concludes that the international mobile roaming charges in Europe are too high for the consumers and that regulation must result in lower prices and higher predictability for the consumers.

Read the whole letter here.

(Published 31.03.06)

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