Norway also paves the way for accepting Switzerland into the Schengen/Dublin-cooperation

Switzerland wants to be part of the Schengen-cooperation of free movement within an area without internal border control. For this to become a reality, Switzerland last year signed an agreement with the EU.

12/05/2006 :: This agreement associates Switzerland with the implementation, application and the development of the Schengen rules in the same manner as already is the case for Norway and Iceland. Norway and Iceland have been full operational members of Schengen since 2001.

Before Switzerland can become a full operational member of the Schengen – and Dublin co-operation (rules determining which country should process a request for asylum),  there are several criteria which have to be fullfilled. First of all, the agreement between the EU and Switzerland has to be ratified. There should also be an agreement between Switzerland and the two other non-EU States already participating in this co-operation, namely Norway and Iceland. Today, the Norwegian government sent a proposal to the Parliament requesting their consent for entering into an agreement with Switzerland on Schengen- and Dublin-participation.

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