Norwegian dialogue with MEPs

On 21 February two Norwegian Standing Committees met with the ITRE-Committee in Brussels for a Dialogue meeting between Norwegian and European Parliamentarians.

23/02/2006 :: The Norwegian Parliament’s Standing Committees on Business and Industry, and Transport and Communications met with the ITRE Committee in Brussels 21 February. The ITRE Committee deals with industry, telecom, research and energy. Members of the Parliamentary Committees exchanged views on a range of issues, among them the future of the energy intensive industries, the shipbuilding industries, and strategies for the roll-out of broadband.
In addition to the Norwegian Committee members, two representatives from the Commission and the chairman of the ITRE Committee were present at the meeting.

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From left: Representative from the Commission, Brekk (Chairman of Standing Committee on Business and Industry), representative from the Commission, Chichester (Chairman of the ITRE Committee), Sandberg (Chairman of Standing Committees on Transport and Communications), Tenden (Vice-chairman of Standing Committees on Business and Industry) and Eldegard (1st. Deputy chairman of Standing Committees on Business and Industry)Photo: Dag Holler, Mission of Norway to the EU