New staff members

Minister and Deputy head of mission, Helge Skaara, is one of the new members of the Mission of Norway to the EU’s staff.

15/02/2006 :: Mr. Skaara came to Brussels from Mexico, where he has been the Norwegian ambassador for 3 years. The new minister has also been accredited ambassador to Cuba. Earlier in his career he has been posted to Bonn, Paris and Lagos. He has extensive experience from working with European issues in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Oslo, i.a. the EEA negotiations and the EU accession negotiations 1991-1994 and as Deputy Director General responsible for EEA matters 1999-2002.
Another new counsellor at the Mission of Norway, is Minister counsellor Didrik Tønseth. He also works with issues related to the EEA-agreement, Schengen and third pillar issues and the European Union Constitution. Counsellor Inger Marie Bjønness’ work is related to EEA Comitee I-IV, ECHO/Human rights issues and Democracy, Development Policy and Latin America. The other new counsellor for external relations, is Grete Ødegaard. Amongst her responsibilities, are questions related to Asia, UN, and the transatlantic dialogue between EU, USA and Canada.

Counsellor Geir Axelsen is working with financial and economic affairs, including economic and structural policy and budget. Hilde Caroline Sundrehagen is the new counsellor for Health and Social Affairs, including public health, social welfare and food-issues. Counsellor Gustav Solvang has most recently joined the Mission and is working with employment policies, social policies, social security and alcohol and drug addiction-issues.


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