Norway will partake in enlargement of aviation market

Norway has accepted the Commission’s invitation to join negotiations for an upcoming agreement that will extend the European Aviation Market.

15/02/2006 :: New additions will include the Western Balkan countries of Albania, Croatia, Serbia-Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, FYR of Macedonia and UNMIK Kosovo, together with the EU-candidate countries Bulgaria and Romania. The European Common Aviation Area (ECAA) will encompass altogether 36 countries with approximately 500 million inhabitants.

The agreement will guarantee mutual access to the air transport market for all signatory states.

Non-discrimination and free rights of establishment will be the cornerstones of the multilateral agreement. The agreement will however not only deal with market access, but also include current and future EU-provisions in the areas of safety and security, air traffic management, social legislation and environmental requirements.

The Commission’s invitation to Norway and fellow EEA member Iceland was extended during the first round of negotiations for an ECAA that took place in Brussels on 31 March. The EEA-Agreement was mentioned by the Commission as a model for the ECAA.

All delegations expressed their political will to negotiate an agreement on the basis of a draft prepared by the Commission. The Commission expressed its intention of concluding the negotiations by the end of 2005.

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Photo: EU Commission 2005