EFTA Scoreboard – Norway is still performing well

On the 18 July, the EU Commission and the EFTA Surveillance Authority both released their latest Internal Market Scoreboard. It shows that the performance of implementation of new community legislation relevant to the internal market for the last six months. Although slipped down from the shared top spot it held six months ago, Norway is still performing well, holding an overall sixth position, out of the 28 states in the EEA-area, as regards to implementation of EEA rules.

15/02/2006 :: The EFTA Internal Market Scoreboard is a biannual Report measuring how well the three EEA EFTA States succeed in implementing Internal Market rules and principles. The Report is issued in parallel with the European Commission’s Internal Market Scoreboard, which provides similar information for the 25 EU Member States. The transposition data in the Scoreboard reflects the situation as of 31 May 2005.

The relevant figures show that, overall, the EFTA States are performing well with regard to implementation of EEA rules (acquis communautaire). The transposition deficit for the three EFTA States is now 1.4%. The corresponding figure for the EU-25 Member States is 1.9%. Although the transposition deficit for Norway has risen from 1,0% to 1,2%, it is still well within the target of 1,5% set out by the EU Commission.

Further, the number of open infringement proceedings initiated by the Authority against the EFTA States has increased over the last half year, but is still low when compared with similar figures for the EU States. Of all open cases, 30% concern Iceland, 28% Liechtenstein and 43% Norway.

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