Rising level of legal implementation into EEA Agreement

EEA EFTA States have experienced a high implemention level of legal acts into the EEA Agreement. In 2004 the EEA Joint Committee incorporated 309 legal acts – the highest number of legal acts in five years.

15/02/2006 :: During a meeting with the Joint Committee on 28 April Norwegian Ambassador and Chairman of the Standing Committee of the EEA EFTA States, Bjørn T. Grydeland, referred to the elevated implementation number as “an illustration of the dynamism and high activity of the Agreement”.

The number shows a steady increase from previous years, rising from 298 legal acts adopted by the Joint Committee in 2003.

The EEA Agreement is continually updated in accordance with new EU legislation for the Internal Market.

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Ambassador Bjørn T. Grydeland (right) discussed the EEA agreement during the 11th Joint Meeting with the EFTA Consultative Committee on 28 April. Photo: Anne Grethe Nilsen, EU-del.