Clemet attended Education Ministerial conference in London

The Norwegian Minister of Education and Research, Ms. Kristin Clemet attended last week the Education Ministerial Conference in London. This was an informal meeting for Education Ministers from the EU, candidate, accession and EEA-countries and took place on 12 – 13 July. The Secretary of State, Ruth Kelly chaired the conference.Ms Clemet participated in the discussions the first day.

15/02/2006 :: Day 1 was devoted to a roundtable discussion on sector skills and approaches for employer engagement in Vocational Educational Training, followed by a session on the Commission’s proposal for a European Qualifications Framework.

In the discussion on the first topic, the Norwegian Minister pointed to the fact that Norway has a long tradition of tripartite cooperation in a number of policy areas. She mentioned also the cooperation which now is established between different Norwegian ministeries with the aim to define a new approach to learning policies in Norway in the future.

Ms. Clemet supported the initiative on developing a European Qualifications Framework. In her opinion this instrument would be of great importance for learners in different life situations, as well as for working life in making better use of competences and qualifications. In the forthcoming discussion, she said, it was however essential to bear in mind that the European Qualification Framework must acknowledge the achivements made in the Bologna Process and thus be compatible with the Bologna framework.

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Kristin Clemet, Norwegian Minister of EducationPhoto: C.F. Wesenberg/