EU Commissioner Dr. Joe Borg on an official visit to Norway

Dr. Joe Borg, EU Commissioner for fisheries and maritime affairs, visited Bergen on 24 – 27 February. The Norwegian Minister for Fisheries and Coastal Affairs, Mr. Svein Ludvigsen, was Dr. Borg’s host during the visit.

The political discussions between the Commissioner and the Minister included i.a. topics such as the common challenges in resource-management, the salmon issue and research cooperation.

“I am pleased that Borg chose to give priority to this visit to Norway,” says Ludvigsen.

This was Dr. Borg’s first official visit outside the EU since his appointment as Commissioner.

In Bergen Dr. Joe Borg held an open lecture at the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration on the Common Fisheries Policy, and the opportunities and challenges that the Community is facing in the efforts towards a sustainable European fisheries policy.

Dr. Borg will also visited the Directorate of Fisheries and the Norwegian Fishermen’s Sales Organization for Pelagic Fish.

On Saturday 26 February the Commissioner and the Minister visited the fish plant Bergen Fiskeindustri. The programme also comprised an excursion aboard a Coast Guard vessel and visit to fisheriesrelated businesses in Austevoll municipality.

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Dr. Joe Borg, EU Commissioner for fisheries and maritime affairs visits Norway this week Photo: European Commission