Norway plans to issue biometric passports

Norway, alongside other Schengen-states, decided at the end of last year to start issuing new passports with biometric identifiers that will include a photo and eventually fingerprints. Norwegian authorities will start issuing these passports sometime before October this year.

15/02/2006 :: Today Norwegians can travel to the United States without a visa as Norway falls under the visa-waiver program.

In order to push for safer travel documents with biometric identifiers, US authorities has decided that travel documents issued after 26 October this year for citizens of a visa-waiver country must contain biometric identifiers, such as a a facial image.

If a citizen from a visa-waiver country cannot present a passport with biometric identifiers, the citizen will have to apply for a visa before entering the US.

Norwegians with “old passports” that are lacking biometric identifiers will be able to use this travel document for travels to the US, as long as it is valid and machine-readable.

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 Photo: The National Police Directorate