Active policy towards Europe

“The EEA Agreement makes it possible for Norway to lead an active policy towards Europe,” the Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs Jonas Gahr Støre said at the council meeting of the European Movement in Norway, 1 April 2006.

11/04/2006 :: “The EEA-agreement is Norway’s entrance to the European co-operation. The agreement makes it possible to find solutions to common problems, meet common challenges and it makes it possible for Norway to promote our main interests and values,” the Minister continued.

Furthermore, Minister Støre focused on three points: Firstly, since the EEA Agreement entered into force 1 January 1994 it has worked well and provided Norway with good political results. He stressed that the agreement has made it possible to continue Norway’s policy on continued co-operation with the EU and other European countries. Secondly, on policy areas not covered by the EEA Agreement, the Norwegian Government needs to use common sense to find other forms of co-operation. He also said it is important to use the experience gained from areas covered by the EEA Agreement. Thirdly, Minister Støre said it is important for Norway to lead a creative and critical public debate on the Norwegian policy towards Europe. A good debate is a condition and the most important resource for the Norwegian Government’s policy on European matters.

Minister Støre also focused on the European interest in the Nordic Welfare Model, and the perspectives and challenges ahead when it comes to energy production in the High North.

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Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs Jonas Gahr Støre