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Norway signs agreement with Eurojust

Norway will on 28 April be the first third-country to sign an agreement with Eurojust. The agreement signifies a closer co-operative relationship between Norway and the EU in the fight against cross-border and organised crime in Europe.

29/04/2005 :: The President of the College of Eurojust Michael G. Kennedy and the Norwegian Deputy Secretary in the Ministry of Justice Trond Prytz will sign the agreement in Oslo.

Eurojust was established by a Council Decision of 28th February 2002 and is the European body enhances judicial co-operation and co-ordination in Europe when dealing with investigation and prosecution of serious cross-border and organised crime.

The college of Eurojust consists of one member from each member state. These members are senior prosecutors and judges.

The agreement will associate Norway with the work of Eurojust. If the Norwegian Parliament approves the agreement, Norway will post an experienced representative from the public prosecutor in Haag from the autumn of 2005.

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Deputy Secretary Trond Prytz will sign the agreement with Eurojust on behalf of Norway 28 April.Photo: Minstry of Justice and the Police