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Norway joins the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

The EU decision to establish a European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) was 4 February incorporated in to the EEA Agreement by the EEA Joint Committee. The decision will make it possible for Norway to participate in the Centre from its establishment in Stockholm later this spring.

04/02/2005 :: Communicable disease outbreaks can pose a significant threat to the health and well being of the European citizens. With millions of people crossing the internal and external borders of the EEA area each day, tackling health threats requires a much closer co-operation between European States, the European Commission and the World Health Organisation. The new EU agency will provide a structured and systematic approach to the control of communicable diseases and other serious health threats that affect European citizens.

The ECDC will also mobilise and significantly reinforce the synergies between the existing national centres for disease control. The main tasks of the Centre include the epidemiological surveillance and networking of laboratories, early warning and response, scientific opinions and technical assistance and communication. Participation in the ECDC will enhance Norway’s capacity to deal effectively with health threats, such as an influenza epidemic.



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