Norwegian appointed to the EIT board

Morten Loktu from Trondheim, Norway, has been appointed as a member of the board of the EU’s new institute of innovation and technology, EIT. The Senior Vice President, Research and Development at StatoilHydro ASA, is the only board member from a non-member country.

28/08/2008 :: Through an EEA-committee decision on July 5 this year, Norway formally obtained membership in the European Institute of  Innovation and Technology. When the European Commission made the composition of the board public on July 30, it was clear that Norway got a place in the EIT board. Morten Loktu from StatoilHydro will be Norway’s representative. The EIT’s initial Governing Board comprises 18 professionals, providing a collective balance of expertise and experience from the worlds of business, research and higher education in Europe, says a press release from the European Commission.

The decision of establishing a common European institute of research and technology was taken by the European Commission in april. The establishment is one of the measures in the European policy to handle global challenges and is aimed at increasing the global competitiveness of Europe in the fields of innovation and technology. The board has the responsibility operationalizating the European Union’s ambitions and plans for EIT, says Loktu.

–Increasingly more of the national efforts put into research will be handled on the European level, Loktu assumes. –Of that reason it is important for Norway to be represented in directive institutions in the EU to promote the “Norwegian model”  especially within the area of the research on petroleum and gaz. The cooperation between petroleum companies, universities, R&N institutes and suppliers has generated considerable value in the bold technology development on the Norwegian continental shelf, Loktu explains.

The inaugural meeting of the EIT Governing Board is set to September 15 at the headquarters in Budapest, Hungary, and mark the beginning of the EIT’s activities. The meeting is aimed at establishing the basis that will lead to the launch of the first two to three Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) by the end of 2009. The KICs which will be the operational units of the new institute.

Holding a civil engineer degree from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Loktu has has several position in former Statoil. He has also been the CEO of the SINTEF Group which is the largest independent research organisation in Scandinavia. Mr. Loktu is currently Senior Vice President, Research and Development at StatoilHydro ASA, Chairman of the OG21 Board (responsible for the national oil and gas technology strategy) and a Member of the Board, Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

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New member if the EIT Governing Board, Morten LoktuPhoto: StatoilHydro