Langeled to deliver Norwegian gas to the British market

The official opening of the Langeled gas pipeline in London today was attended by the Norwegian Prime Minister Stoltenberg together with British PM Tony Blair and the President and CEO of Hydro, Eivind Reiten. With the southern part of Langeled now in operation Norway will cover about one fifth of UK’s gas demand.

25/10/2006 :: Secure and reliable energy to the UK
-This new pipeline strengthens the already close ties between Norway and the UK. I am pleased and proud that Norway is able to offer the UK a secure and reliable supply of energy, said the Norwegian Prime Minster under the official opening in London today.
The opening of the new pipeline marks the beginning of gas export to Great Britain which gives Norwegian gas direct access into one of Europe’s most attractive gas markets. – The expansion of Norway’s offshore pipeline system creates the foundation for even further development of the Norwegian energy sector, said Prime Minister Stoltenberg.  

One fifth of the UK gas demand
Langeled is the world’s longest subsea pipeline covering 1200 km of sea, and with a capacity of 20 billion cubic metres of gas per year it amounts to about one fifth of UK’s gas demand within 2007.
It is the southern part of the Langeled which now is in operation. Langeled south has a diameter of 44” and goes from the riser platform at the Sleipner field in the North Sea to the receiving terminal in Easington on the UK’s East coast.
The northern part of Langeled, operational from 2007, along with the start-up of Ormen Lange gas field is stretching from Nyhamna on the North-West coast of Norway to Sleipner. Langeled is a prerequisite for the development of the Ormen Lange –the second largest gas field in Norway. The field development represents the best of Norwegian petroleum technology.
The opening of the Langeled pipeline strengthens Norway’s role as a stable and reliable supplier of energy to Europe.


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THE WORLD’S LONGEST SUBSEA EXPORT PIPELINE: The gas will be transported approximately 1200 kilometres from Nyhamna via Sleipner in the North Sea.Photo: Hydro