Trends and challenges in Integrated Peace Operations

Norway is hosting a seminar on Multidimensional and Integrated Peace Operations in Brussels, on October 5th. The aim is to focus on the common challenges and trends for the different institutional frameworks within the UN, EU and NATO.

17/09/2007 :: There is a need for a multidimensional and integrated approach when responding to complex crisis. Military means normally provide only part of the solution in peace operations, and have to be integrated into a larger setting. Security and development must to a large extent go hand-in-hand – without security no development, and without development no security.

This seminar will bring together representatives from the UN, EU and NATO, in addition to AU officials. It falls within the framework of a project initiated by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Integrated Missions in a UN context.

For further information, please consult the website for the entire project:

The main speakers are: Mr. Espen Barth Eide, (Deputy Minister of Defence, Norway), Mr. David Harland (Director, Office of Operations, Department of Peacekeeping Operations, UN), Mr. Pieter Feith (Deputy Director General for Politico-Military Affairs, General Secretariat of the Council of the EU) and Mr. John Colston (Assistant Secretary-General for Defence Policy and Planning, NATO)

There will be a panel discussion followed by open discussion after each speaker. The draft agenda is published on this website.

The venue is Residence Palace, and it’s an all day programme. Participation is by invitation only. If you have not received an invitation, but still would like to attend, please let us know by e-mail to [email protected]

For further information, call Bård Bredrup Knudsen on +47 2309 6220 (office) or +47 951 41 311 (mobile). E-mail: [email protected]

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