Haga in energy talks with Merkel

Norwegian Minister of Petroleum and Energy, Åslaug Haga, met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Minister of Economy and Technology, Michael Glos, during her visit to Germany this week.

18/10/2007 ::

Haga had successful meetings with both Merkel and Glos in Berlin Monday 15 October.

One of the issues raised by the Norwegian delegation was challenges with Carbon Capture Storage and the prospect of German financial support.

Wednesday Mrs. Haga led a seminar on climate and energy, including a part on bilateral cooperation on German energy supply.

The seminar, “Sustainability of Future Energy Supply”, was opened by the Norwegian King Harald V. Among the speakers was also German Minister of Education and Research, Dr. Annette Schavan, Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry, Dag Terje Andersen and CEO of StatoilHydro, Helge Lund.

Åslaug Haga urges the Norwegians to learn from the Germans in reducing energy consumption;

– We should go home and think about how to improve the energy efficiency also regarding old buildings. We need a common effort on energy economizing, and I believe people want to participate, she said to TV2.

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