Good work

– Flexibility is important for employers and for many workers who wants to adjust work hours to their own needs. But, such flexibility must not result in too much pressure on the individual worker to work overtime or in “atypical” employment relationships. This was stressed by the Norwegian Minister of Labour and Social Inclusion, Bjarne Håkon Hanssen, in his speech at the informal ministerial meeting in Berlin 18-20 January.

25/01/2007 :: Each Presidency of the European Union invites to an informal meeting of the European Ministers for Employment and Social Affairs. On 1 January Germany took over the Presidency of the European Union for the first half of 2007.

The heading of the meeting was ”Good Work”, which covers a wide variety of subjects. The flexicurity-debate –  how to make a flexible working life, combined with social and economical safety – was a central part of the discussions at the meeting.

The full speech can be read at the website of the Ministry of Labour and Social Inclusion.

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