Minister of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs in the Europen Parliament

The Norwegian Minister of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs, Ms. Helga Pedersen, visited the Fisheries Committee of the European Parliament on 20 June. The Minister came to the Parliament to present the Norwegian view on the problems with illegal unreported and unregulated fishing (IUU), which is one of the most seroius problems facing the management of marine fish stocks today.

15/08/2006 :: Ms. Pedersen used the occation to thank Commissioner Borg for his active role in developing a communique against IUU at the North Atlantic Fisheries Ministerial Conference in Norway recently, and she also mentioned the bilateral agreement with Portugal on cooperation between control bodies in order to implement the measures agreed upon.

The Minister stressed that IUU is a global problem, using the example of the management of the cod stock in the Barents Sea as an example, where estimaes shows that up to 30% of the total catch is subject to IUU, reducing the quotas for legal catch accordingly.  She also asked for the cooperation and support from relevant bodies of the EU in order to stop this illegal and highly damaging praxis.

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Helga Pedersen, Minister of Fisheries