Norway to provide NOK 390 million in assistance to Kosovo over three years

“Norway will focus particularly on education, private sector development and job creation initiatives, along with measures to safeguard the minority groups in a multi-ethnic Kosovo,” said State Secretary Elisabeth Walaas.

22/07/2008 ::
Norway made its pledge to provide assistance during the international Kosovo Donors’ Conference in Brussels on 11 July, which was attended by 37 countries and 16 international organisations. Kosovo was given indications that it would receive a total of EUR 1.2 billion in assistance. Norway’s allocation of NOK 130 million per year means a 30% increase in Norwegian assistance compared to 2007, making Norway an important bilateral donor for Kosovo.

Economic development will be the biggest challenge for Kosovo in the time ahead. Kosovo has a very young population and high unemployment rates, particularly among young people. “Through its focus on education and private sector development, Norway is seeking to promote sustainable economic development in the country. This is also a prerequisite for peace and stability in the region,” Ms Walaas stressed. “It is also important that the minority groups, and the Serbian population in particular, feel that they have a future in Kosovo,” she added.

Documents relating to the conference can be found here:

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