Evaluation of Norway’s Plan of Action to Support EU Accession Countries

The Plan of Action provided almost NOK 300 million to some 500 activities to the 12 then-EU accession countries during the period 2001-2003. This short-term programme had two overarching objectives: to support the EU accession process, and strengthen the collaboration between Norway and the 12 countries, including building networks.

09/02/2007 :: The Plan of Action was thus a highly fragmented portfolio, which in principle should have made it difficult to manage and produce monitorable results. It has, however, produced surprisingly positive results, largely at project level, though also programme-level results that are relevant to the objectives.

The key to this success has been the interest and capacities of the local partners and the direct involvement of Norwegian counterparts. This self-selection of actors who have mutual interest in the collaboration was for many as important as the financing.

The fact that the local actors had a technical and organizational capacity that enabled them to be full partners and not simply recipients in the collaboration was important. The respect for this partnership shown by the Norwegian actors was also essential, and appreciated.


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