About the Mission of Norway to the EU

Mission of Norway to the European Union

Welcome to the Mission of Norway to the European Union. We represent the Norwegian government on all EU-related issues. With a staff of about 50 people, most of whom are seconded to the Mission by different ministries in Oslo, we maintain and develop co-operative relations between Norway and the EU.

Our role is:

  • To follow the development of EU-policies in those fields which are of importance to Norway.
  • To promote and support the positions of the Norwegian government to the decision makers in the EU.

The agreement on the European Economic Area (EEA) is the most important agreement between Norway and the EU, and extends the internal market to Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein on the areas covered by the agreement. Consequently, most of the EU-legislation and regulations for the internal market are also implemented in Norway. It is therefore of utmost importance to gather information and promote Norwegian policies at the earliest possible stage on issues related to the internal market.

In addition to our website www.eu-norway.org, an important part of the communication efforts are the groups visiting the Mission. Every year we receive more than 5000 visitors, ranging from high school classes and student groups to business delegations and parliamentary committees.

The Mission of Norway to the European Union is one of three Norwegian representations in Brussels. The other two are our Embassy to the Kingdom of Belgium and our permanent representation to NATO.

If you are looking for more general information about Norway, we recommend that you consult the Government Website or the websites of the various Norwegian embassies throughout Europe.

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