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Sharing Intelligence and Information on Terrorist Threats


At a conference in Oslo on what the transatlantic community can do to enhance the sharing of intelligence and information on terrorist threats 20 October, the Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Jan Petersen, stressed that NATO’s ability to promote stability beyond the transatlantic community is dependent on a close partnership with the EU. He said this is essential for ensuring confidence and co-operation across the Atlantic

International terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction represent the defining threats to our security today, said Mr. Petersen. Only through resolute, concerted, co-ordinated international efforts can the fight against these serious security challenges succeed. Humanitarian, diplomatic, political and military measures are all necessary. These measures include the need to look more closely into how we can co-operate more effectively on the sharing of information, and intelligence information in particular. Developing closer co-operation between NATO, the EU and Russia will be crucial to our fight against international terrorism.

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Torunn Viste


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