The EEA Financial Mechanism

Norway and Poland agree to establish joint research fund

On 31 May Norway and Poland signed a Letter of Intent to create a research fund, which will strengthen bilateral cooperation on research between the two countries. This will be the first fund established for research under the Norwegian Financial Mechanism.

03/06/2005 :: Poland, which is the biggest benefactor of the Norwegian funds under the EEA Agreement, will chair the working group set to develop the proposal by 1 August 2005 for the joint research fund, which will finance projects in the area of research based on cooperative efforts between Norwegian and Polish research communities.

From the Norwegian side, State Secretary Tone Skogen, of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, signed the letter of intent, while Deputy Minister Jerzy Marian Langer, of the Ministry of Science and Information Society Technologies, signed on behalf of Poland at a Warsaw-held seminar.

The Research Council of Norway arranged the seminar, which highlighted the areas of research and the environment.

This agreement is a follow-up of Prime Minister Belka and Prime Minister Bondevik’s statement during their meeting in Oslo in April, where they emphasised the important role of scientific research on social and economic development in Norway and Poland.

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