The EEA Financial Mechanism

EEA grants cooperation

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has launched an internet based competence database called “Finding partners in Norway”.

07/10/2005 :: The main aim for the database is to incite to cooperation between the countries recipients of the EEA grants. One of the underlying purposes with the EEA grants is to strengthen the bilateral relations between Norway and the 13 beneficiary states. The database is a part of this work.

The database addresses directly individual persons working in organisations, institutions or authorities in the receiving countries. These acts as project promoters. The database mainly contains information and contact details to help the countries finding the right partner in Norway within different target sectors, such as education, research and health. Working with a Norwegian partner will contribute to achieving the desired results.

Through the EEA grants (EEA Financial Mechanisms) Norway is contributing 1.134 billion euros in order to promote economic and social cohesion in the enlarged EU, and to enhance the ability of the new EU/EEA countries to participate fully in the internal market. The EEA grants were established in 2004, when the EU and the EEA (the European Economic area) were enlarged by 10 countries, and will run until 2009. Project proposals must be submitted to authorities in the beneficiary states for national appraisal before they are forwarded to the donors for decision.


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