The EEA Financial Mechanism

Norway and the Czech Republic strengthen bilateral ties

Norwegian and Czech bilateral relations is the focus at the seminar on the Financial Mechansims that is held on 2 March. In Prague, 230 Norwegians and Czech from both official and private sectors come together to establish a meeting-ground for future collaboration.

02/03/2005 :: Norwegian Deputy Minister, Kim Traavik, and Vladimir Müller, the Czech Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, opened the seminar where Norwegian and Czech experts discussed cooperation in areas such as environmental protection, sustainable development and research.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) agreements that have been signed between the Czech Republic and both the EFTA/EEA States and Norway, set the scene for the seminar between the two partner-countries.

Norway is by far the largest contributor in the EFTA/EEA Financial Mechanism, and has in addition signed an ageement on a separate bilateral Financial Mechanism. Both Mechansims will be administered by the Financial Mechansim Office set up in Brussels. Norway will in total annually be contributing € 21 million to development and investment projects in the Czech Republic.

The Czech Republic’s National Focal Point agency will be in charge for the distribution of these funds. 

During the seminar, a wide range of participants, from both governmental and private sectors, hope to develop a future meeting-ground to explore new opportunities for bilateral cooperation between Czech and Norwegian governments and private enterprises in the enlarged single market.

Environmental protection is one of the main topics for the seminar, as Norwegian environmental experts and Czech representatives from governmental groups and private enterprises, whose sectors are affected by environmental issues, exchange ideas on further environmental measures.

These measures focus on the development of environmental monitoring methods of water, soil, air, climate changes along with sustainable production and consumption in the Czech republic.

The development of common research initiatives and a cultural heritage ideology were also key topics for discussion at the seminar.


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