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Norway reaffirms its support for Iraq at Brussels conference

Norway confirmed its support for the rebuilding of Iraq at the international conference on 22 June in Brussels. Foreign Minister Jan Petersen stressed the need for continued international efforts towards the rebuilding of infrastructure and the economy to achieve stability and prosperity in the country.

23/06/2005 :: Over 80 countries and organisations attended the conference in Brussels, where the rebuilding, economic recovery and reconstruction of Iraq, support of its political transition, the establishment of rule and law, and the strengthening of international ties were on the agenda.

The Iraqi Transitional Government confirmed its dedication to achieve stability and unity in Iraq, as it presented its strategy and priorities for the interim period at the conference initiated by the EU and the US. 

During his address to the Luxembourg Presidency, Norwegian Foreign Minister Jan Petersen pointed to important tasks such as the drafting of a new constitution and the rebuilding of the economy and infrastructure as challenges requiring strong international support.

As one of 25 members of the donor committee IRFFI, the International Reconstruction Facility Fund for Iraq, Norway is strongly committed to supporting Iraqi rebuilding efforts. The United Nations and the World Bank initiated the IRFFI in 2004 to coordinate the investment of priority projects in Iraq.

Petersen further pointed to the United Nations as having a central role in the January elections and in the rebuilding of the country’s infrastructure, and informed that Norway will take part in efforts to achieve stability through NATO, the Multinational Force, and bilateral assistance.

The Foreign Minister stressed a broad participatory process that includes all religious and ethnic groups, to achieve legitimacy when generating a new constitution, which will play an important role for the unity of the country.

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Norway is a contributor to the funds established in 2004 by the United Nations and the World Bank, focusing on rebuilding projects in Iraq. Photo: World Bank Iraq Trust Fund (WB ITF)