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Outcome of the Bologna Conference on Education, Bergen 19-20 May

The priority areas for the Bologna Process towards 2007 will be the strengthening of quality assurance and recognition of degrees, and introduction of national framework for qualifications.

20/05/2005 :: This is stated in the Bergen Communiqué signed by the Ministers after the 4th Ministerial Conference in the Bologna Process at 19-20 May. Stocktaking and setting of goals and priorities towards 2010, was the main agenda for the meeting.

The Stocktaking shows substansial progress. In most countries more than half of the students are enrolled in the two-cycle degree systems. Almost all member states have made provisions for quality assurance systems, but still progress, particular in student involvement, can be made. 36 of 45 countries have ratified the Lisbon Recognition Convention, committing to principles of recognition of degrees and study periods.

Other main points of the Bergen Communiqué are coonserning the social and exteranal dimensions. As regards the social dimension, emphazise is put on making higher education equally accessible to all regardless of social and economic background, including appropriate studying and living conditions for students. As for the external dimension, focus is on making the European Higher Education Area attractive to other parts of the world and at the same time stimulating balanced student and staff exchange and cooperation between higher education institutions.

The next Ministerial meeting in the Process will be in London in 2007.

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The conference was held in Bergen, at the Norwegian west coastPhoto: web site Bologna-Bergen