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Defence Minister Krohn Devold met the EU Troika to discuss ESDP

Defence Minister Kristin Krohn Devold met the EU Troika on Monday 22 November to discuss the latest development of the European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP). Iceland, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia took also part in the meeting.

03/12/2004 :: The Dutch Presidency, Defence Minister Kamp, gave an orientation on the outcome of the Military Capability Commitment Conference (MCCC), the Steering Board of EDA and the GAERC meeting earlier the same day, focussing on initiatives related to capability development such as EU Battlegroups and the European Defence Agency.

Minister Krohn Devold expressed that Norway is committed to the strengthening of Europe’s capabilities for crisis management and applauds the EU’s efforts to strengthen the European Security and Defence Policy. “A strong Europe strengthens the transatlantic security community and we are committed to making Berlin + and EU-NATO relations work”, she said.  She underlined that it is of mutual interest to the EU and to NATO to continue to strengthen the cooperation, in order to avoid duplication and promote cost-effective solutions

Norway puts great emphasis on the importance of establishing a permanent NATO Liaison element in EU’s Military Staff. Minister Krohn Devold expressed that this liaison element should be developed in parallel with the establishment of a permanent EU staff group at SHAPE, and that it should be a robust element, able to liaise and coordinate in a number of different area of common interest to the EU and NATO.

Minister Krohn Devold declared her intentions to further develop the cooperation with the EU on crisis management by presenting a force contribution to a Nordic Battlegroup together with Sweden and Finland. She underlined that a Norwegian contribution will be based on certain conditions.

Finally Minister Krohn Devold told the EU Troika that it is Norway’s ambition to become an active participant and partner, providing added value to the European Defence Agency. “Our ability to do so will depend on the extent to which both parties are able to provide necessary transparency,” she said. She added that timely consultations on the opportunities for collaboration across the Agency’s areas of responsibility are of great importance for Norway. She hopes soon to agree on arrangements that will provide a good basis on which to develop further practical cooperation.

After the meeting with the Troika Minister Krohn Devold met with SG/HR Javier Solana in order to sign an Agreement between the European Union and the Kingdom of Norway on security procedures for the exchange of classified information.

Minister Krohn Devold also announced that Norway soon is to sign the Framework Agreement on participation in EU-led operations.


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Kristin Krohn Devold, Norwegian Defense MinisterPhoto: Bjørn Sigrudsøn/SMK

Javier Solana, High Representative for the CFSPPhoto: Homepage of the Council of Europe