Amended Energy legislation into to the EEA Agreement

In an EEA Joint Committee meeting on 2 December, EU set of regulation for the Energy market was included in the EEA Agreement and will consequently be implemented in the EEA EFTA Countries.

15/02/2006 :: The EP and Council Directives on common rules for the internal market in electricity, and on common rules for the internal marked in natural gas was adopted in to the EEA Agreement by Joint Committee Decision on 2 December.

In addition to this, EP and Council Regulation on network for cross-border exchanges of electricity was adopted. The decision also entail participation in the European Regulators Group for Electricity and Gas.

The aim of the legislation on the energy market is to contribute to further development of common rules in the internal energy market. The legislation arrange for a more efficient and secure exchange of energy with other countries, and contribute to similar rules on market access for all states within the EEA.

The Norwegian Minister of Petroleum and Energy, Odd Roger Enoksen, stressed the importance of common rules in the energy market.

“Norway is a big supplier of energy in Europe. Thus it is important to have common rules in the EEA and the EU when it comes to electricity and natural gas”, Enoksen said in regard to the Joint Committee decision.

The Norwegian Minister recently met with Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs.

“It is my impression that the EU regards Norway as an important energy supplier to the European countries”, Enoksen stated.


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Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs and Minister of Petroleum and Energy Odd Roger Enoksen at their meeting on 30 November.Photo: European Commission.