Minister Pedersen visiting the European Seafood Exposition

“The European Seafood Exposition is a highly important event for Norwegian seafood and it is a good opportunity for Norway to present our fish and fish products,” Minister of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs Helga Pedersen said at a press conference in Brussels 9 May 2006.

10/05/2006 :: Norwegian seafood is exported to more than 150 countries globally. Buyers from more than 100 countries are participating at the world’s largest seafood event. Exhibitors are there to exhibit and show every category of seafood products including fresh, canned, frozen, and value-added seafood; storage, processing, and handling equipment; and seafood-related services including freight-handling, insurance, and information technology.

Minister Pedersen stated that “Norway is a very important provider of seafood for the European market and we are producing healthy and good quality products.”

Close to 95 percent of Norwegian fish and seafood products are offered to consumers world wide. The total value of these export products in 2005 totalled €4 billion, a €400 million increase from 2004.

Minister Pedersen also raised the issue of sustainable management of fishing resources. “Norway is co-operating closely with other European countries to stop the illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing (IUU fishing) especially in the Barents Sea. The issue will also be raised at a conference in Trondheim in connection with the Nor-Fishing exposition in August 2006,” the Minister said.

(Published 10.05.06.)

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Minister of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs Helga PedersenPhoto: Unni Claussen, Mission of Norway to the EU