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Direct cross-strait flights over the Chinese New Year

Norway aligned itself with an EU declaration on direct cross-strait flights over the Chinese New Year published in Brussels on 19 January 2006

20/01/2006 :: The European Union welcomes the resumption of direct cross-straits flights over the Chinese New Year. Such encouraging steps contribute to the promotion of dialogue and mutual understanding between the parties. The EU sincerely hopes that ways will be found to build upon this.

The European Union attaches great importance to peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait which are important for the region and beyond. Reiterating its One-China policy the European Union appeals once again to both sides to refrain from statements and unilateral actions which could increase tension and encourages them to find ways to engage in a meaningful and inclusive dialogue that would involve all parties concerned.

We support and welcome all efforts by the parties to seek a mutually acceptable basis for discussions. The European Union is of the firm conviction that the Taiwan question should be solved peacefully through cross-straits negotiations.

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