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“Norway to rescue EU-Russia relation”

”Joint Norway-Russia gas projects in the Barents Sea could help soothe future EU-Russia relations as Norway seeks to export its energy social model eastward”, the newspaper EUobserver writes under the heading “Norway keen to tame the Russian energy tiger” on Thursday 1 June.

02/06/2006 :: The article is based on the proposed cooperation between the two neighbouring countries.

“Close cooperation between Norway and Russia in this region could be in the interests of both these countries and all of Europe,” Norway’s Minister of Petroleum and Energy Odd Roger Enoksen told the Brussels-based paper in Oslo, on 30 May.

A Norwegian Integrated Management Plan (a proposition to the Storting) was adopted in April this year. The aim of the plan is to facilitate long term value creation based on the resources in these ocean areas, while securing the environment. The long term aim is to encourage Moscow to adapt to this scheme.

EUobserver furthermore writes that if this succeeds, Moscow is more likely to adjust to European market economy norms and it can further help stabilizing the EU-Russian relations.

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(Published 02.06.06)

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