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Norway to join the European Border Control Agency

In a proposition to the Storting on 3 June the Norwegian government requested the Storting to accept EU regulation on the establishment of the European Border Control Agency – under the Schengen Agreement.

07/06/2005 :: The Norwegian government further asked the Storting to accept an agreement on Norway and Iceland’s participation in the Agency.

The agency, which began its work in May 2005, provides technical border control training to its members and aims to strengthen coordination between individual member states in their efforts to protect external Schengen borders.

Norway plays a central role in the protection of the Schengen area as its coastline stands as an external border at the EU periphery. Its participation in the agency would enable it to play a more active role in the EU’s coordinating efforts.

In the event of participation Norway would be granted a seat on the Management Board of the Agency, which will strengthen its role in the Schengen area border control process.

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Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs