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Norway ready to agree to administrative arrangements with the European Defence Agency (EDA)

Defence Minister Kristin Krohn Devold declares that Norway is ready to agree to administrative arrangements between the European Defence Agency and the Ministry of Defence of The Kingdom of Norway, establishing a basis for practical cooperation.

24/02/2005 :: Negotiations have been concluded between the Head of the European Defence Agency and the Norwegian Ministry of Defence. Pending formal political approval by the EU Council, Norway expects an exchange of letters soon to be concluded between HR/SG Solana and Defence Minister Krohn Devold. These arrangements form a good basis on which to develop further practical cooperation, says Minister Krohn Devold.

Norway contributes significantly to the ESDP, and takes part in activities directly linked to the areas of responsibility of the EDA. In example Norway participates in 7 out of EU’s 15 capability development groups (ECAP project groups ). Most of these groups coordinate their efforts with identical or similar NATO groups (PCC). Norway plays an active role in armaments related co-operation, currently taking place within the Western European Armament Group (WEAG) and the Western European Armament Organisation (WEAO). Norway is also a substantial contributor to the Research and Techology cooperation under WEAG. The governmental funding of such Research and Techology projects amounts to more than 3 million Euro on a yearly basis.
EU has declared its intentions to incorporate relevant elements of the WEAG/WEAO within, or assimilate relevant WEAG/WEAO principles and practices by the EDA, in accordance with Article 25 of the Joint Action establishing the EDA (2004/551/CFSP).  WEAG will be closed down no later than 1 July this year. As a non-EU WEAG-member Norway has together with Turkey been invited to establish administrative arrangements with the Agency.

In line with the Joint Action the scope of the administrative arrangements is to provide non-EU WEAG-members with the fullest possible transparency regarding the Agency’s specific projects and programmes. The principle of the relationship within theAdministrative Arrangements is based on the desire of the EDA and the Norwegian Ministry ofDefence to exchange views and information on matters of common interest falling within the scope of the Agency’s mission, and to ensure that the Norwegian Ministry of Defence is kept fully informed of opportunities for future co-operation.
A Consultative Committee will provide a forum for exchanging views and information on matters of common interest. A point of contact will be established on the Agency’s staff and MOD Norway will designate a liaison officer at the mission of Norway to the EU.


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Kristin Krohn Devold, Norwegian Defence Minister