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The Norwegian Minister of Finance met with two members of the European Commission

On 21 January Finance Minister Per-Kristian Foss met with Commissioners Joaquín Almunia and László Kovács.

27/01/2005 :: At the meeting with Mr Almunia the main topics for discussion were economic policy, with emphasis on the reform of the Stability and Growth Pact. The Commissioner was cautiously optimistic that an agreement on a reformed pact could be reached by March this year.The two also discussed economic developments and the need for structural reform.

Kovács and Foss had an exchange of views on a wide variety of taxation issues. Kovács underlined the importance of taxation with regard to the goals of the Lisbon Agenda and foresaw  that taxation issues would contribute significantly to instruments and priorities under this agenda. On the subject of taxation of cars, Kovács expected to see a draft directive containing proposals for a common policy in the near future. Foss used this opportunity to underline the importance of being able to adress the problems of depopulation and low density population in certain areas by using cost efficient measures such as the differentiated social security contributions.

During his visit to Brussels, the Finance Minister also took part in a seminar with the Norwegian business society in Belgium (Norsk Næringslivsforum) on the item ”Brussels as seen from Norway – Norway as seen from Brussels”.



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Minister Foss at the seminar in BrusselsPhoto: Kjetil Stake, Brusselkontoret