Norway and the EU

New scoreboard. Norway and Denmark on top

A new and up-dated scoreboard was published by the EFTA Surveillance Authority (ESA) 13 July. The scoreboard shows that Norway is still succeeding well in transposing new EU legislation for the Internal Market. Together with Denmark, Norway has the lowest transposition deficit among the EEA States (0.7 percent). Seven EEA States are within the interim transposition target of 1.5 percent: Norway, Denmark, Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland, Finland and Iceland. The average transposition deficit for the EEA/EFTA States is 1.4 percent whereas for the EU States 2.2 percent.

The ESA report

Press release for the EU States



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Foreign Minister Jan Petersen attending the EEA Council on 27 April 2004Photo: The Council of the European Union