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Education, training and youth

21/12/2011 // Through the EEA Agreement Norway participates in most of the EU programmes in the field of education, training and youth. Students from primary education to universities take part in the exchange programmes. Norway also takes part in horisontal activities such as peer learning activities and progress reports.

Norwegian participation in the EU programmes in this field, which is regulated by Protocol 31 of the EEA Agreement, began in 1995, when the first generation of the programmes came into being.  Norway has participated successfully and actively in the programmes. The contacts and networks established as result of common activities in the programmes are important.

Norwegian schools, kindergardens, universities, organisations, pupils, apprentices, students and teachers participate on all levels of the EU’s Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) including Erasmus, Comenius, Grundtvig and Leonardo da Vinci.

Norway also participates in the Erasmus Mundus program supporting cooperation and exchange between higher education institutions in Europe and in other parts of the world. Norway is an active participant in the Youth in Action programme.

The educational programmes are in Norway managed by Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education (SIU). You can find other sources of information on Norwegian education on their website.

General information on the programmes can be found on the Commission’s home page, Directorate-General Education and Culture. Information on Education systems and policies in Europe can be also be found here.

Information on the Norwegian education system can be found on the Ministry of Education and Research website. Information about higher education and research in Norway is also available on the website Study in Norway.

The Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs is the Norwegian National Agency for Youth in Action. Find more information on their website.

For questions, please contact Counsellor for Education at the Mission of Norway, Ingveig Koht Astad: [email protected], +32 (0) 2 238 74 74

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