Norwegian Minister of Transport and Communications met EU Presidency

Minister of Transport and Communications, Mrs. Torild Skogsholm met the Dutch EU Presidency in the Hague September 8. She held successful meetings with Minister of Transport, Mrs. Karla Peijs and Minister of Economic Affairs, Mr. Jan Laurens Brinkhorst, also responsible for postal services and telecommunications.

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The Transport Ministers discussed a broad range of issues on the Council’s agenda. Minister Skogsholm put special attention to the Eurovignette-directive since Norway has a well established system of toll roads. Norway supports the intentions of the proposed Directive and the need for establishing a fair and transparent charging system for the use of infrastructure. In the field of aviation Mrs. Skogsholm drew the Presidency’s attention to the risk of fragmentation of the EU/EEA aviation market and discriminations on both sides caused by a recent Commission decision that Norway and Iceland cannot be included in the EU Community Designation Clause.

In the field of postal services and telecommunications Ministers Skogsholm and Brinkhorst shared the same views regarding the further liberalization of postal services, the basic principles of roll-out of broadband, and the need for extensive cooperation combatting spam. Mrs. Skogsholm drew the Presidency’s attention to the need of ensuring continuity in supply of electronic communications in the event of provider bankruptcy and the question secondary trading of radio spectrum rights.

Skogsholm met with Irish Presidency

Torild Skogsholm, Minister of Transport and Communications, met with the Irish EU Presidency in Dublin on 12 February. She held positive talks with the Minister of Transport, Mr Seamus Brennan and the Minister of telecommunications, Mr. Dermot Ahern. In the field of transport the discussions focused on aviation, road safety, infrastructure charging and railways, while timely implementation of the regulatory package on electronic communications and the fight against unsolicited commercial communications (“spam”) was at the core of the telecoms discussions.”Through the EEA-agreement Norway aims for full participation in relevant EU agencies and committees in the field of transport and communications” stated Mrs. Skogsholm. “The Presidency expressed understanding for this position.
The terms of Norwegian participation in the air safety organisation EASA are still not concluded, while Norway aims at participating in the forthcoming european rail agency ERA and the the agency for information and networks security ENISA.

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