Under the EEA Agreement, Norway takes part in all EU programmes and activities in the field of research.

Norway’s participation in the EU framework programmes in research, anchored in Article 81 and Protocol 31 to the EEA Agreement, began during the latter part of the 3rd Framework Programme (1990-94), was included in the 4th (1995-98), and continues under the current programme, which is the 6th (2003-2006). Evaluations carried out by the Norwegian Research Council for the 4th Framework Programme show that Norwegian research has benefited considerably from participation in the framework programmes. Norway’s financial contribution to the 6th Framework Programme is 2.1 per cent of the total budget, amounting to NOK 2.6 billion over the four-year period. The Norwegian Research Council is mandated by the Ministry of Trade and Industry to have overall operational responsibility for Norway’s participation in these programmes. The staff at the Mission of Norway to the EU includes a science counsellor.

Norway also participates in the EU initiative for a European Research Area, ERA, a research and innovation equivalent of the “common market” for goods and services. The ERA is regrouping all Community support in order to improve the co-ordination of research activities and the convergence of research and innovation policies at national and EU level.

Early in 2000, the Norwegian EU Ambassador took the initiative for the establishment of a Norwegian Research and Innovation Forum. The objective is to enhance Norway’s involvement in EU research, especially R&D; related to business and industry, and the policies and activities of the ERA-building. The Forum includes more than 500 members in Brussels and in Norway. More information is available on the Forum-pages.

For further information about the substance and scope of Norwegian participation in the 6th Framework Programme, and how to submit proposals and search for partners, please contact the
Norwegian Research Council, Office of EU Research Information,

e-mail:[email protected],

Detailed information about the EU framework programmes is available on the EU Commission’s Cordis home page.

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