Youth in action.

 Date:01/10/2004 – 01/10/2005

The Commission has proposed a new Youth programme for 2007-2013, where Norway will participate on an equal footing with EU member states. For youth in Norway and the EU this means exchange programmes are possible all over Europe.

On Wednesday 14 July, the European Commission adopted an ambitious proposals for the new generation of programmes in the education, youth, culture and audiovisual fields. The new programme in the youth field, “Youth in action” has a budget of 915 million euro. The new program appears to be more decentralised than the previous programme, and the age limits are extended from 15-25 to 13-30. A new feature is the possibility of exchanges with the new member states and third countries.

So why would the Commission propose a new Youth Program? An interim evaluation of the excisting Youth Program from 2000 till 2006 has shown that the program has been very popular, and also had a great impact on youth. Cooperation in the youth field has really taken off. 
The objectives of the youth programme are based on Article 149 in the EC Treaty which states that Community action shall be aimed at “encouraging the development of youth exchanges and of exchanges of socio-ecucational instructors”. And the objective above all is that the programme should contribute to young people’s active citizenship and the feeling of belonging to Europe.

For more information on the programme , the objectives and the actions, please see the commissions proposal

For more information on exchange or cooperation with Norwegian youth organisations please contact the National Youth Agency of Norway [email protected]


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