Education, training and youth

Norway participates in all of the Community’s programmes in the field of education, training and youth. A new generation of programmes in this field started in 2000 and will run for a seven- year period. Norway will participate actively in all three of these programmes: Socrates II, Leonardo da Vinci II and Youth.

The former generation of programmes was a great success in Norway. All institutions of higher education and hundreds of schools participated in both Socrates and Leonardo da Vinci and various youth organisations were closely involved in both the Youth for Europe programme and the European Voluntary Service.

Norwegian participation in these programmes, which is regulated by Protocol 31 of the EEA Agreement, began in 1995, when the first generation of the programmes came into being. Before that Norway participated in Erasmus and Comett II, two programmes within the field of higher education. Participation in the programmes has been a huge success for Norway. The return in project money and mobility funds has been much more than our financial contribution to the programmes. Even more important are the contacts and networks established as result of common activities in the programmes.

The programmes are run by various national agencies, which can give full information on Norwegian partners and other information
on the programmes:
Socrates II is run in Norway by the
Centre for International University Co-operation, on whose website you also will find other sources of information on Norwegian education. Leonardo da Vinci is run by Teknologisk institutt.
Youth is organised within the
Governmental Office for Youth and Adoption.

General information on the programmes can be found on the Commission’s home page,
Directorate-General Education and Culture.

Information on the Norwegian education system can be found on the Ministry of Education and Reserch website.


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