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Commissioner Verheugen visited Melkøya

Vice-President in the European Commission Gunter Verheugen met the Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry Odd Eriksen on 22 May, as they visited the Snøhvit Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) plant at Melkøya outside Hammerfest.

29/05/2006 :: The Snøhvit area comprises the gas fields of Snøhvit, Albatross and Askeladd, which all lie in the Hammerfest Basin of the Barents Sea about 140 kilometres north-west of Hammerfest in the northern part of Norway. Snøhvit itself was discovered in 1984. All the fields primarily contain natural gas with small quantities of condensate (light oil).

“It is important for Norway to have good relations with the European Commission. We discussed different issues related to both the energy sector and industry,” Minister Eriksen said after the meeting.

Verhaugen emphasised that the Barents Sea will be one of the most important sources of gas for the EU in the future. He maintained that the EU supports the Norwegian attempts to make the two oil companies Hydro and Statoil partners at the Stockman gas field on the Russian side of the Barents Sea.

“This is a very good opportunity to show some of the best parts of the Norwegian industry sector. At the same time we will have the opportunity to present the Norwegian Government focus on the High North for an interested European partner,” the Minister stated.

(Published 29.05.06)

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Odd Eriksen and Gunter Verheugen.Photo: Ministry of Trade and Industry.