Norway to purchase CO2 quotas for international air travel

23/07/2010 // The Norwegian Government will purchase CO2 emission quotas to offset the pollution caused by international air travel by government employees. The hope is that others will follow Norway’s example and that this will reduce total greenhouse gas emissions.

CO2 quotas are emissions allowances that can be bought by countries and firms that emit greenhouse gases. The quotas are bought and sold in an international market. When Norway purchases such quotas, this reduces the amount of emissions allowances available to other sources.

The Government has decided to purchase CO2 quotas equivalent to the CO2 emissions caused by government employees’ international air travel.

“If this is only done by a few, it will have little impact, whereas if many take part, it will have a significant effect. We want to set an example, and hope that firms, organisations and other countries will follow suit,” said Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg in his New Year’s address.

Air travel is not subject to quotas under the Kyoto Protocol, and Norway will be one of the first countries in the world to purchase such quotas.

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